Seeing and Hearing Music

I thought it might be appropriate to include my Haverford thesis, Seeing and Hearing Music, on a post.  I continue to find videos that are relevant to this topic, so perhaps this can become a regular blog feature moving forward.  For those readers with plenty of time and interest, I’ll post the entire paper in … Continue reading

Live Concert Stream on Tuesday!

This Tuesday, March 6th, I will perform two movements of the Copland Piano Quartet with William Oh, Eve Boltax, and Chris Orzech.  This concert is part of Longy’s Student Voices series, featuring students chosen by audition to perform. For those of you who cannot make it to Cambridge, do not fear!  The concert is available … Continue reading

An Interview with Richard Wernick

I spoke recently with composer Richard Wernick, who I am honored to call both a mentor and a friend, about the edits I have been making to his Wikipedia page.  He had many interesting stories to tell about his own teachers and mentors, but unfortunately I could not include them in the Wikipedia article. (Wikipedia … Continue reading

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