Vive la fantaisie / Ceci n’est pas une fantaisie

 Strange Interlude and DieDieMaoMao present… Vive la fantaisie / Ceci n’est pas une fantaisie(Long live the fantasy / This is not a fantasy) A few months ago, Strange Interlude woke up fairly early in the morning (for performers anyway) and made our way to one of our favorite Los Angeles venues, ArtShare L.A.There the inimitable filmmaker Nick … Continue reading

“subtle energy” with Kaley Lane Eaton & Strange Interlude

Hello Wonderful Listeners and Fellow Creators! Strange Interlude (harp & cello) recently arrived at our new home in Los Angeles, CA and we have been having an incredible time performing, rehearsing, and meeting with so many incredible colleagues. We are SO EXCITED to be in this beautiful (sunny) location and to kick things off we … Continue reading

Strange Interlude – Now on Video!

We wanted to share some exciting news about one of our recent collaborations with the amazing composer Mike Frengel. We recorded “On Thin Ice” for harp and cello at Northeastern’s beautiful Fenway Center in Boston and in addition to doing an incredible job with the recording, Mike and his assistants also created a pretty awesome video. … Continue reading

Rehearsal video of Schoenberg

Playing Verklärte Nacht with Cambridge Philharmonic… the concert was yesterday (thanks to all the musicians and audience members!). There’s a small solo cello moment at the end of this video, too. Added bonus…

SillyBird Updates – We’re coming to YOUR HOUSE on Friday

SillyBird has been spending the past few weeks busily rehearsing and practicing our repertory. We had a great time playing a mix of classical, jazz and contemporary music at the Salem Farmer’s market last week and are excited to share some of the work we’ve been doing this coming weekend. Today we learned that due … Continue reading

New Video!

You may have noticed that there is a new video at the top of my home page – it’s from my most recent recital in December. Stay tuned for more videos from this concert. The piece is Mendelssohn’s Cello Sonata No. 2 in D major, and I’m playing with pianist Patrick Yacono. Here’s the video … Continue reading

Video: Simon plays “Eva and Emmy”

Here’s a promo video from “Eva and Emmy”, a piece for string quartet written by Kaley Lane Eaton and choreographed by Gabrielle Orcha.  The beginning of the video features Simon’s recording of the Introduction, for solo cello.  For more about Kaley and her compositions, please visit her website. “Eva and Emmy” was premiered in June … Continue reading

Seeing and Hearing Music

I thought it might be appropriate to include my Haverford thesis, Seeing and Hearing Music, on a post.  I continue to find videos that are relevant to this topic, so perhaps this can become a regular blog feature moving forward.  For those readers with plenty of time and interest, I’ll post the entire paper in … Continue reading

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