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Soprano in the City and Strange Interlude

This time of year always includes a mix of festive time with friends and family and lots and lots of music-making. Recently, Strange Interlude, with a little help from Groupmuse, was part of an incredible house concert experience in Somerville, MA. The evening was chilly, the company was warm and the food and beverage spread was … Continue reading


A picture is worth a thousand…

How did Lily and Simon time travel (with a harp and cello no less!) and end up in this turn-of-the-century painting?! The short answer is that although this incredible work of art seems to have captured a moment from bygone days, this painting was actually created – before our very eyes – just about two weeks ago at a beautiful wedding … Continue reading

Summer House Concerts Featured

Summer House Concerts

Strange Interlude plays house concerts throughout the year, but there’s something special about sultry summer evenings. Our hosts last week were kind enough to take this beautiful photo of the summer sun over their back porch. The evening began with a classic summer cookout (the burgers definitely stole the show – I’m not sure what kind of … Continue reading

Strange Interlude Berio Photo 2-page001

Pardon me while I have a Strange Interlude…

Hello everyone! We made it through the winter and spring (and now summer!) are finally finally here!!! Over the course of this year’s long winter we have been hard at work preparing a variety of programs and performances that we’ve very excited to be sharing with the world in the coming weeks and months. The next … Continue reading

Paul Watkins, composer

Performing “Nothing Major!” by Paul Watkins

I had the great opportunity to play on a recital of music by Paul Watkins (photo below), including this piece, Nothing Major! for six players. Paul’s music is a lot of fun to play, so I hope you enjoy listening to it just as much! I also performed his Purple Monkey Dishwasher for flute and … Continue reading

Screen Shot 2013-10-13 at 11.54.05 AM

Rehearsal video of Schoenberg

Playing Verklärte Nacht with Cambridge Philharmonic… the concert was yesterday (thanks to all the musicians and audience members!). There’s a small solo cello moment at the end of this video, too. Added bonus…

Album Player Screen Shot

Recital Recording Online!

The recording from my May recital is now online. You can hear it at my Music page, on my Home page, or just click below. Listening is always free, and downloads are pay-what-you-want (donations are greatly appreciated, if you so choose! Another great way to “donate” for free is to click “share” to repost or … Continue reading

SillyBird Updates – We’re coming to YOUR HOUSE on Friday

SillyBird has been spending the past few weeks busily rehearsing and practicing our repertory. We had a great time playing a mix of classical, jazz and contemporary music at the Salem Farmer’s market last week and are excited to share some of the work we’ve been doing this coming weekend.   Today we learned that … Continue reading


What is sillybird?

sillybird is a new summer music festival! Its primary members are: Myself, Simon Linn-Gerstein, cello Lily Press, harp (Click here for Lily’s site) Robin Rhodes, bass Hamed Shadad, clarinet in addition to guests with instruments of all shapes and sizes. Our primary musical focus is performing contemporary chamber music in a fun and relaxed environment. … Continue reading

Simon Recital web

Masters Recital on Saturday May 4!

8:00 pm at Longy School of Music of Bard College, Wolfinsohn Recital Room photo credit: Kelly Davidson