Vive la fantaisie / Ceci n’est pas une fantaisie

 Strange Interlude and DieDieMaoMao present… Vive la fantaisie / Ceci n’est pas une fantaisie(Long live the fantasy / This is not a fantasy) A few months ago, Strange Interlude woke up fairly early in the morning (for performers anyway) and made our way to one of our favorite Los Angeles venues, ArtShare L.A.There the inimitable filmmaker Nick … Continue reading

Simon & Mark Morris Honored by Creativity Foundation

I recently was awarded the Creativity Foundation Legacy Award for my work combining performance, musicology, anthropology, and performance studies.  The award was presented to me by renowned choreographer and Creativity Foundation Laureate Mark Morris.  Here we are, pictured at the conference and award ceremony held at the Cosmos Club in Washington DC.

Seeing and Hearing Music

I thought it might be appropriate to include my Haverford thesis, Seeing and Hearing Music, on a post.  I continue to find videos that are relevant to this topic, so perhaps this can become a regular blog feature moving forward.  For those readers with plenty of time and interest, I’ll post the entire paper in … Continue reading

An Interview with Richard Wernick

I spoke recently with composer Richard Wernick, who I am honored to call both a mentor and a friend, about the edits I have been making to his Wikipedia page.  He had many interesting stories to tell about his own teachers and mentors, but unfortunately I could not include them in the Wikipedia article. (Wikipedia … Continue reading

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