A picture is worth a thousand…


How did Lily and Simon time travel (with a harp and cello no less!) and end up in this turn-of-the-century painting?! The short answer is that although this incredible work of art seems to have captured a moment from bygone days, this painting was actually created – before our very eyes – just about two weeks ago at a beautiful wedding on the Cape Cod Lavender Farm by the incomparable Jim Freeheart. Just another one of the wonderful perks of playing beautiful music in incredible settings for wonderful people – it doesn’t get much better than this!

Congratulations to the beautiful bride and beaming groom – Olivia and Davis, we couldn’t be happier for you both!

Now that we’ve captured your attention with this stunning artwork, our harp and cello ensemble, Strange Interlude, would like to cordially invite all of our Boston area friends, fans and acquaintances to our upcoming Groupmuse on August 12th. Can’t make this one? Don’t worry – there’s plenty of chances to catch us in concert all the way through April 2017 – keep an eye on our upcoming performances pages for information about additional concerts and events.

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